You will learn Natural horsemanship, Western Riding, how to connect to your horse. Horses will teach us many things if we are willing to learn. You will learn a lot about yourself as well. We recommend 3 sessions. This is suitable for any riding experience from first time to advanced.

  In your lessons we will work on Trust, Communication, Respect through groundwork it makes the transition to riding smoother. Brought to you by Wild Indian Ranch in Sidney, Texas.

* Age Restrictions: 6 years old or older
* Helmets: 17 years old or younger MUST wear a helmet. 18 years or older will be your choice. We supply the helmets.
* Riding Experience : Is not necessary, all are welcome
* Weight Restrictions: 250 lbs
* Health: Good health, free of neck and back injuries, cannot be pregnant. No     Oxygen Tanks
* Attire: Long pants preferred but not necessary and closed-toe shoes are a must.
* No sandals or flip flops
* We furnish water
* We use Western Saddles
* Everyone must use a mounting block no matter the experience level.
* You must be there 30 min. prior to ride start time for paperwork and instructions.

Lesson 1: Trust and Respect. Getting to know your horse. understanding ground work.

Lesson 2: Tack: what is best for you and your horse. Your riding technique. Depending on progress we might repeat Lesson 1 and combine.

Lesson 3: Riding feeling comfortable in the saddle. Horses are all about feel. When you can read a horse as well as they can read you, you will have accomplished something.